Lance Cooper announced Daily Report’s Newsmaker of the Year for 2014

Lance Cooper - Personal Injury Attorney

Lance Cooper and the Power of Discovery: One Case, 30M Recalls

Some lawyers are known for what they do in the courtroom. Lance ­Cooper is known for the heavy lifting it takes to get there.

“I’m not a flamboyant trial lawyer. Some are and they can pull it off,” Cooper said in his Marietta office recently. “Cases are won and lost in discovery. If you don’t have the evidence you need, it doesn’t matter how good a trial lawyer you are.”

For illuminating the power of discovery in 2014, the Daily Report recognizes Lance Cooper as its Newsmaker of the Year.

The news Cooper made came in his representation of Ken and Beth Melton, who are suing General Motors Corp. They claim GM’s mistakes caused the death of their daughter, Brooke, in 2010, after her 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt rolled off a highway.

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